The Republicans have their echo chamber which allows them to influence the media, so it is my turn to help the other side.


Government Pork

I was lead to this article about pork. It stated very well some of my thoughts. I would like a small government that runs without a budget deficit. Current Republicans have nothing in common with the predecessors that share their name. With the neo-cons in power, we have a huge budget, a huge deficit, and an ineffective government. The Democrats don't inspire much faith. If the Democrats were in power, I think the only difference would be a balanced budget. The government would be no smaller, but I don't think it would be bigger either. We need some major reform before our nation goes bankrupt. Let's vote some Libertarians into congress to shake things up and put a hold on bipartisan bickering. With more parties in power, bills wouldn't get stuck between the two party lines. We need another viewpoint, beyond the standard spend-and-tax party and spend-and-tax-cut party.


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