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Better Sex Through Diet

Okay this is way off topic, but please forgive me, I found it on Vegan Porn. I'm already trying to follow the Polymeal (at least while I'm at home and can cook for myself). Well, now it seems I'm already almost following the Viagrameal. I eat tons of soy (*drool* tofu) and I'm already eating as many good fats as I can (since it overlaps with the Polymeal). I don't eat much salmon, except when I have sushi, but hopefully I can make up for it by eating other stuff high in Omega-3 fats. I should probably eat more spicy foods and ginger (I get plenty of garlic in my mediterranean dishes and garlic bread). Now... I just need to find a way to get organic, sulfite-free red wine... damn those drinking laws. How dare they hurt my health by denying me wine in order to 'protect me' from myself!


Blogger Chris said...

Ahh, nothing like a bottle of SAQ wine with my Sunday night dinner of shish taouk delivery. And yes, the drinking age in the States should be 18. If you can die in battle, you can handle a beer.


Blogger Cybelle Johnson said...

proper exercise and taking up some libido pills can increase your libido and you can perform a better sex.



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