The Republicans have their echo chamber which allows them to influence the media, so it is my turn to help the other side.


Where can I get one of these?

Here an article from a few years ago about the mayors of Paris and London. In an effort to reduce pollution and give the city back to its citizens, the Parisian mayor has reduced the amount of road space available to cars. "'It's only by making life hell for motorists that we will force them to give up their cars,' said his deputy mayor, Yves Contassot." London has also made strides by introducing a "congestion zone" in which you must pay to drive during certain times of the day. I've got to ask, why can't mayors in any US city make bold moves like these? I'd love to see carfree districts in the hearts of downtown US cities. I can think of a few possible reasons: people are still married to their cars and many developers avoid building in cities, instead opting to build higher profit suburban developments (subsidized by everyone else).

Here in Seattle, Mayor Nickels proposed a plan to create density in the city center, yet it neglects the rest of the city. Since Seattle is still in the process of creating viable mass transit, this will guarantee that even more people drive to the city center from the fringes. If you think the freeways and bridges in Seattle are bad now, just wait until there are 20,000 more people commuting to downtown. The nearby neighborhoods aren't being rezoned to reflect this increase in density, so people must come from areas poorly served by buses and void of mass transit.


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