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Mass Transit "We Love It! We Love It!"

Lots of people kick and scream whenever public transit is planned or voted on. However, if it can actually make it past the nay-sayers, things can turn out a lot different than the opponents imagined. Denver recently learned that mass transit makes everyone happier.. You should look no farther than Denver when considering mass transit for your own city.


Blogger Ellis Wyatt said...

Really, well the light rail system they've been planning in Austin, Texas (where I lived until just recently) would cost more and pollute more than buying everyone who was expected to use it (using the most friendly numbers available) a new Hummer H2 every year, and the gas they use. In the mean time it would take 20 years to build and increase traffic congestion in the busiest areas of the city due to construction. They would stay that way until it is finished...in20 years and as we've learned from Houston, when they get going they cause a LOT of accidents. The type that are ridiculously expensive (fixing trains) and likely to cause death(ever seen a car that was hit by a train?). So maybe it worked out well in Denver, but that doesn't make rail the best solution. Besides, busses are more efficient until you get to population densities far greater than most metropolitan areas in America, especially in the West.


Blogger Andrew Hitchcock said...

Here's the thing. You say it would cost more than a H2 for each of the expected riders. That is assuming the expected rider numbers are accurate. In the article about Denver, they said, "riders have flocked to the line in numbers that vastly exceed original expectations".

Also, in regard to the accidents, ideally the light rail would travel on a different grade from vehicles, but I know that doesn't always happen (here in Seattle it will travel above ground in some areas).

Finally, just because it takes 20 years doesn't mean it should be discouraged. Just think of what traffic would be like in 20 years if people couldn't take light rail. By the time you realize you would need it, the traffic would already be very bad and it would still take you 20 years to build the light rail. Light rail is a long way off here in Seattle (four years or so for just the first link from downtown to the airport), and the rest of the links are even farther down the line, but I still support it because I would like to be able to use it later in life.



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