The Republicans have their echo chamber which allows them to influence the media, so it is my turn to help the other side.


Fascism at Fox

DrJimbo made a really excellent post on Slashdot about Fox about their fascist tendencies. I noticed this attitude in their show 24, but DrJimbo sums it up eloquently, "the politics of FOX as demonstrated by FOXnews, or their current darling, 24, is extremely right-wing bordering on fascism: fear, pro-torture, and anti-human-rights." Also, "As the anti-fascist message of [Firefly or Dark Angel] becomes more clear to the FOX organization, the shows are silently squashed." I will try to support Fox corp as little as possible, but unfortunately both Firefly and Family Guy are owned by them. Please avoid supporting Fox, especially fascist shows like 24.


Blogger Todd said...

FOX is the most balanced news team in the industry. No wonder that network stations are loosing in such huge numbers. People know when they are being mis-lead. I turned off CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS along time ago. You won't see Dan Rather types at FOX!!!!!!!!


Blogger Andrew Hitchcock said...

Hahaha, sorry. You actually gave me a good laugh out loud with that first sentence. The reason Fox has so many viewers is because they are sensationalist and the people watching find it entertaining. I don't know how, though, whenever I see Fox News on television, I actually start to feel physical pain. It doesn't sit right with me.

I didn't support Dan Rather, and I've criticized him in other venues. What you will find on on Fox is Bill O'Reilly saying the ACLU are 'terror allies' and telling John McCain that torture works. Fox News is the sorriest excuse for a news channel I have ever seen.



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