The Republicans have their echo chamber which allows them to influence the media, so it is my turn to help the other side.


Bible Thumpers Try To Ruin Science Class

I saw on Google News that Bush re-ignites evolution debate. You know what Newsday? It is not a debate. Intelligent Design is a sham meant to sneak religious teachings into school. I'm embarrassed that the Discovery Institute is based in Seattle. At least the PI points out the absurdity of this 'issue'. I can't believe my country is run by someone who rejects science. Who the fuck voted for this dimwit? Oh, right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are serious regarding the evolution vs. intelligent design debate, then you should consider reading the book "Dismantling Evolution" by Ralph O. Muncaster. After years of taking evolution as a credible theory, I now realize that evolution is a dubious, untenable theory at best and pure destructive nonsense at worst. Logic & rationality points out that intelligent design is indeed a better case.


Anonymous Tom said...

The problem with what you've written here is that it is simply false. ID is quite distinct from creationism; it operates within the sphere of scientific method, generating and testing hyphothesis; it is falsifiable based on those hypotheses; many of the scientists who are promoting ID do not believe in the Bible; I don't think there is any ID theorist who believes in the "young earth"; ID scientists have hundreds of peer-reviewed papers to their credit; and your post here is quite misinformed overall.

But I don't hold that against anyone except for the media and commentators who have also been spreading this kind of misinformation.


Blogger Todd said...

My father in-law who has been part of the scientific community in Michigan for years has told me that evolution has serious flaws and that the scientific community among themselves has serious doubts about its credibility.With DNA and many other discoveries, it appears that the holy scriptures are a step head of science and that the Bible is looking like the ultimate science text book. Intelligent design makes much more sence to me, but I realize, intelligent thinking is not part of the liberal brain function so I understand any liberals reasoning.


Blogger Andrew Hitchcock said...

I can't believe Intelligent Design folks are calling liberals dumb. First of all, I'm liberal in the sense that I believe in progress. I think we should be open to all lifestyles and not react with hate against those that are different. I'm not a fan of affirmative action or social security. I'm half way between a libertarian and a democrat. I don't think being called liberal is an insult, I find it a compliment.

Anyway, until you show me some scientific evidence that supports ID, I won't believe you. ID is just means for bringing bible teachings into the schools. I haven't met anyone in real life who actually believes ID is a smart choice, and I can't recall anyone who didn't believe in evolution. Stop rejecting science, it is hurting America.


PS: If you do manage to squirm ID into some of America's schools, I demand that you also teach the theory that the flying spaghetti monster created life.



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