The Republicans have their echo chamber which allows them to influence the media, so it is my turn to help the other side.


Fascism at Fox

DrJimbo made a really excellent post on Slashdot about Fox about their fascist tendencies. I noticed this attitude in their show 24, but DrJimbo sums it up eloquently, "the politics of FOX as demonstrated by FOXnews, or their current darling, 24, is extremely right-wing bordering on fascism: fear, pro-torture, and anti-human-rights." Also, "As the anti-fascist message of [Firefly or Dark Angel] becomes more clear to the FOX organization, the shows are silently squashed." I will try to support Fox corp as little as possible, but unfortunately both Firefly and Family Guy are owned by them. Please avoid supporting Fox, especially fascist shows like 24.