The Republicans have their echo chamber which allows them to influence the media, so it is my turn to help the other side.


NSA Wiretaps, Feingold, and Censuring Bush

Russ Feingold is proposing censuring President Bush for breaking the law by authorizing illegal wiretaps. When the news broke a few months ago, I was surprised by the number of Republicans and Republican lackeys defending the illegal wiretapping. I'm not sure I can blame many of the common folk in favor of the wiretaps, they are simple minded people that have been brainwashed by the likes of O'Reilly and other Republican shills. However, I can't see how informed Republicans and members of congress can defend the president, except to keep party solidarity. Here are a number of counterpoints to the Republican talking points:
  • The White House tried to convince us that it is okay because one side of the telephone call is outside the US. That doesn't matter, the other side is in the country and therefore "international".

  • Second, they always claim they want to know what the terrorists are discussing with people in our country, but that is giving the false impression that we know these people are terrorists, which has not been confirmed for the public. This doesn't stop the average Republican lackey from accepting it at face value (and repeating this drivel).

  • Also, the Republicans phrase the argument so that it sounds like we have no other way to spy on Americans, and they imply that those of us who are against the illegal wiretaps don't support defending the country. Nice straw man. We are against the wiretapping because the way they go about it is illegal. There are already ways to wiretap American citizens, you just have to go through a FISA court. In fact, you can get permission for the wiretap even after it has been started. Here is a quote by Cheney exemplifying their straw men, "The outrageous proposition that we ought to protect our enemies' ability to communicate as it plots against America... [blah blah blah]"

  • Finally, this is actually damaging our security. If we try to get a conviction based on illegal wiretaps, it is likely it would be thrown out (in the same way illegal police searches prevent conviction).

Unfortunately, it seems most Democrats are distancing themselves from Feingold. I'm disappointed by the Democrats. Once again they seem to be taking the position of no position. Time to stand up for principals and censure the president for his illegal acts. I'm afraid the Democrats might not have the "balls" to take power back from the Republicans. Dean was my favorite nominee a few years back, because he wasn't afraid to speak his mind. Now Feingold is taking a stand, and Democrats are distancing themselves. Kerry was unpopular because he is a bland New Englander. Let's hope the Democrats see their errors in their ways before the 2008 election and nominate a fiery candidate.


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