The Republicans have their echo chamber which allows them to influence the media, so it is my turn to help the other side.


Gas Prices

Congress makes me sick. Today, while eating some vegan food at a cafe, I was reading a few articles about what the congresscritters are doing about gas prices; which is to say, more than they should be.

The GOP is recommending tax rebates. The Democrats want to temporarily remove federal gas tax. You people are all idiots! The only person I agreed with was Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico who said, "Oil is worth what people pay for it." Now he understands how the free market works. I can't believe how hypocritical all these senators are. Maria Cantwell wants us to reduce energy consumption, but at the same time, she keeps making noise about going after the oil companies for "price gouging". Here is how it works: prices go up, then consumption goes down. If consumption goes down enough, prices will stop going up. It doesn't take a rocket scientist.

The only appropriate course of action for Congress at this point is to repeal the tax breaks for oil companies... tax breaks which should have never been passed in the first place. The only thing that'll convince Americans to start changing their habits is a swift kick to the balls, which high gas prices have the potential to cause. And hey, look on the bright side, the less people drive, the less congested the freeways.

The way I see it: leave things alone, and it'll all work out okay. Because hell, with peak oil, tax breaks only get you so far.


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